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歡迎您來到我的網頁, 我是瑞柏中文學校的老師, 今年是我教書的第九個年頭. 前五年我教的是華人子弟, 從2008年起我就開始新的里程碑, 開始教非華裔家庭的小孩, 由於這羣孩子並非處於一個中文的環境, 所以我開始了這個網頁. 其內容都是我對學生上課的補充教材. 期望您中文大有進步.

版權所有, 切勿侵犯.

Welcome to my page. I teach Mandarin at Naperville Chinese school, and this year is my ninth year teaching. I start taught the regular class which mean the students are Chinese descent. Since 2008, I began a new milestone and teach children of non-Chinese families. Because the families of these children are not in a Chinese environment, so I started this website. The contents are supplementary materials that I taught in class. Wish your Chinese progress.

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